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The first lecture was when we talked about existentialism. You make your own decisions and your own mistakes. I don't think anyone can pressure you into doing anything you didn't want to. I remember we talked about Antigone and how she was pressuring Ismene into helping her bury her brother but Ismene refused to do it. Since everyone has the option to make his or her own decision let's choose wisely. Life is about wishing you did a lot more, why not live it to the fullest.

Another lecture that I loved was one of the class lectures. The class was in fishbowl reading the beautiful poems that Professor Brady had chosen. I loved how everyone gave their own interpretations to the poems. My favorite one was "To My Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet. It was about love and inspiration and the whole rhyme scheme was simple but effective. I was able to empathize with the author. At the end we talked about the human conditions, behavior, perfection, desire, and a sense of belonging.

My last one would be transcendentalism because I believe nature is everything. Everyone should try and stay connected with nature because that is how we can become whole again. To me I see nature starting to become a myth. For example, if a tree falls in the Forrest, and no puts it Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, did it happen? People are getting so caught with technology that they are forgetting what is around them. The power of nature through plantations, climb a mountain, hear the birds chirping, or watch the sunset by the beach, you can really connect with the planet and understand why it needs to be saved.

Feeling Good - Nina Simone
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