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I'm a really simple person, most of the time I never have enough to say. I'm from Haiti so English is not my first language. I came here when I was fourteen years old. I started school as a freshman in high school. It was very hard at first because I couldn't understand what the professor was teaching or communicating with other people. When I became a senior in high school I took an art class that changed my life forever as someone who never liked art before. I didn't really speak English that much even after graduated high school because art became my new language. I became a visual person, I didn't do much reading and writing even when I had to take a test I didn't study for it I just look at the notes. Last time I took English I was a freshman, so you can understand where I'm coming from.

This class changed my life just like art did four years again. I learned a lot about everything and it is helping to get out of my comfort zone. I able to try new things, I love poetry now. One of the best I got from this class is "there is no wrong answer" because of how everyone is different and have their own opinion. As long as you're speaking from the heart and make clear from everyone to understand. I also see it as in there is no mistake, there is only lessons. I have read a lot of great stories and was able to incorporate them into everyday life. I learned what literature really is and it purpose is make people understand culture, Music, Art and more.

People write down what is on their minds but I used to do the opposite, I would create art in order for other people to see what I see in my head. For example, instead reading a book, I would watch the movie instead just because I didn't have patience to read. I'm willing to read a book now because of this English class. The way you teach changes people's perspective point of view. I thought "The Birthmark" was fascinating because of how Nathaniel Hawthorne was able to predict the future in the 1800's. We're in 2016 now and the human behavior is still the same, of how we know we're not perfect but we still want to be, they're playing God, and technology is taking over lives.

Feeling Good - Nina Simone
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