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Max Milly is a Haitian born, Long Island NY based, digital artist who has taken the internet by storm with viral visuals inspired by contemporary pop culture. His work aims to capture in simplicity the beauty, wonder, and mystique of the human form often drawing inspiration from strong female figures and Mother Nature. Minimalist in his approach, Milly’s work spans across digital illustration, photography, painting and typography. Fascinated by the study of color and line, his most recent series explores repetition and depth. Highly dependent on juxtaposition, his work can often be read as a double entendre. In essence, through his alias as "Max Milly" he attempts to create audacious and inspiring pieces that articulate the multiplex of high fashion, love, sensuality, and our collective existence. A graduate from SUNY Farmingdale with a BA in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. Max Milly is currently pursuing independent projects and actively seeking collaborative opportunities to reach a more global audience. Follow his work on Instagram @max_milly

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